EPISODE 165 | RELEASED May 2, 2022

Nutritionist Lindsey Bullen on Diet and Dog Cancer | Dr. Lindsey Bullen

Board-certified veterinary nutritionist Lindsey Bullen weighs in on all things dog nutrition, from general rules to follow to customized diets.


What’s the difference between a vet and a vet nutritionist? Both have an in-depth knowledge of the diseases that can affect our dogs, but nutritionists focus on food as the basis of their treatment plans. Dr. Bullen explains how every patient is a puzzle with unique nutritional needs, and how she uses chemistry, math, and patient and owner preferences to develop solutions that can help dogs feel better and live healthier lives.

We are very excited to have Dr. Bullen as a guest on the show, as veterinary nutritionists are few and far between! She shares many tips from her experiences, including the diagnostic tests that are most helpful when formulating a custom diet, how to get a sick dog to eat, and when to enlist the help of a nutritionist. And of course, we ask her what SHE looks for when recommending a diet for one of her patients with cancer.

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