EPISODE 217 | RELEASED May 22, 2023

How Does Ultrasound for Dogs Work? | Dr. Adrienne Anderson

Dog ultrasound is one of the many tools used to help diagnose cancer. Best of all? It’s painless!


Veterinarian Adrienne Anderson explains how ultrasound for dogs works, when it is used, and where you can get it done with your dog. This “stellar diagnostic” lets your vet see what is going on inside your dog’s abdomen and heart in real time, without requiring sedation or surgery.

Many vet hospitals have their own basic ultrasound machine, or you can take your dog to a specialist to get a more thorough exam.

Listen in for all of the details on dog ultrasounds, as well as how this technology can be used to take biopsy samples.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Ultrasound Examination in Dogs article: https://www.dogcancer.com/articles/diagnosis-and-medical-procedures/ultrasound-examination-in-dogs/

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