EPISODE 163 | RELEASED April 18, 2022

Bone Marrow Transplants for Dogs | Dr. Steven Suter

Can lymphoma really be cured? This intense treatment is not the right fit for every dog, but can have a happy ending.


Bone marrow transplants, also called total body radiation, are a fairly common procedure in human cancer treatment. Dogs can benefit from this procedure too! And the results are thrilling – about 30% of treated dogs are considered completely cured.

Dr. Steven Suter, the leading expert on bone marrow transplants in dogs, explains everything that goes into this procedure – and we mean everything. There are many steps and processes that have to be completed both to make sure that your dog is a good candidate for a bone marrow transplant and then to complete the transplant itself.

In this episode you will learn what needs to happen before a bone marrow transplant – from chemotherapy to achieve remission to finding a donor match – as well as the process and aftercare for the procedure. Bone marrow transplants are not the right fit for every dog or family, but this is a fascinating option to have available.

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