EPISODE 63 | RELEASED June 16, 2020

Amelanotic Melanoma Dogs Vaccine │ Dr. Demian Dressler Q&A

If your dog has amelanotic melanoma, will Oncept, the melanoma vaccine, still help? Dr. Dressler answers this important listener question.


Maureen is calling from Mendocino, California. Her German Shepherd’s has a diagnosis of amelanotic melanoma on his lip. She wants to know if anyone has any experience with this particular type of tumor. She also wants to know if the Oncept vaccine will help.
Dr. Demian Dressler, author of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, shares his experience with this type of tumor. Not only has dealt with amelanotic melanoma in the past, he’s also spoken to Phil Bergman, the developer of the Oncept vaccine, about its use with amelanotic melanoma.
Amelanotic melanoma lacks melanin, which is why it is white, but it is still melanoma, and it still has the surface protein tyrosine or tyrosinase. The Oncept vaccine targets this protein, so it can be used for amelanotic melanoma. Dressler states the melanoma vaccine is very safe. It can be used as part of a full spectrum approach for treating amelanotic melanoma in dogs.

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