EPISODE 242 | RELEASED April 1, 2024

Alternative to Chemotherapy for Dogs with Osteosarcoma | Tammie Wahaus of ELIAS Animal Health

Why isn’t there an alternative to chemotherapy for dogs with cancer like osteosarcoma? Regulation! Let’s nerd out on the regulatory process with a biotech entrepreneur.


ELIAS Animal Health CEO Tammie Wahaus returns to Dog Cancer Answers to talk about the company’s immunotherapy for dogs with osteosarcoma, which recently cleared an important milestone on the way to market.

ELIAS hopes their treatment will be accepted and used as a safe and appropriate alternative to chemotherapy in dogs with osteosarcoma. Instead of using chemotherapy to control metastasis, ELIAS uses the dog’s tumor to create a series of vaccines. Once the dog has the vaccinations, their immune system cells are harvested, taken back to the ELIAS labs, and spun up into an “army of angry killer T-cells” that are ready to murder that specific tumor!

It’s truly personalized medicine and the first of its kind in animals OR people. Join us as we follow ELIAS progress on the way to market.

ELIAS Animal Health’s website: https://eliasanimalhealth.com/

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