EPISODE 131 | RELEASED September 27, 2021

The X Factor In Dog Cancer: Your Personality Type | Molly Jacobson Deep Dive

There is no “one right way” to treat dog cancer, and many factors affect treatment plans and strategies. That makes knowing who YOU are, and identifying YOUR priorities critical.


What is your priority when choosing treatment options for your dog with cancer? Whether you are an Action-oriented go-getter, Comfort-first caretaker, or someone who likes to Balance all of your options, your personality type impacts how you approach these important decisions.

According to Dr. Demian Dressler’s Dog Cancer Coping Guide, dog lovers tend to fall into three personality categories when addressing these concerns and making treatment decisions:

  • A for Action is determined to help his or her dog through treatment side effects to hopefully achieve remission
  • B for Balance generally want minimal side effects or really good odds of success.
  • C for Comfort focus on treatment options that relieve symptoms and keep their dogs happy.

Which type are you? The answer to this question will give you clues about which strategies and treatments will work best for your specific dog and specific situation.

Molly Jacobson, editor of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, joins us to discuss personality types.

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