EPISODE 132 | RELEASED September 27, 2021

How Type A for Action Treats Dog Cancer | Molly Jacobson Deep Dive

Type A for Action dog lovers pursue whatever treatments are available, and aim for longevity. If that sounds like you, this episode can help solidify your plans.


When your dog is diagnosed with cancer, you have lots of information to process and lots of decisions to make. What is the prognosis? Can the tumor be removed with surgery? Will chemotherapy or radiation help to extend your dog’s life, and are they worth the cost, both financially, physically and emotionally? And how are you going to pay for this?

According to Dr. Demian Dressler’s Dog Cancer Coping Guide, dog lovers tend to fall into three personality categories when addressing these concerns and making treatment decisions:

  • A for Action
  • B for Balance
  • C for Comfort

You have determined that you are a Type A. Type A owners want to take action. Let’s beat this thing, let’s do everything we can.

Molly Jacobson, editor of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, joins us to help Type A’s make and execute plans.

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