EPISODE 69 | RELEASED July 17, 2020

Leading My Dog’s Cancer Treatment Team │ Lauren Ebbecke True Tail

“You cannot treat your own dog’s cancer,” said the veterinary oncologist. “You’re looking at months,” she said. Lauren respectfully disagreed. Over the next year she gathered her veterinary care team and treated Sage’s squamous cell carcinoma. She also decided bacon-wrapped steak could be a cancer treatment. This True Tail is one for the ages!

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Lauren Ebbecke is a dynamic, positive, kind of amazing dog mom in Wisconsin, and her True Tail is truly fascinating. As a science teacher and a wellness coach, she knows a LOT about dog cancer, and she is very generous in this episode.

This episode is sponsored by the excellent book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog’s Life Quality and Longevity. Lauren used this book as a guide to her dog’s cancer journey, and as the basis for her online course about how to help dogs with cancer.

Lauren Ebbecke’s website is: http://extraordinarywellnesscoaching.com/

Lauren mentioned several supplements, including:

Lauren mentioned the importance of Cheat Days, and emotional management which you read more about in chapter 2 of his book.

The restaurant that made special Cheat Day dinners for Sage, including her last meal is the Silver Birch Supper Club in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. https://silverbirchsupperclub.com/

And finally, Lauren’s new dog, Tito, is named after this dog-loving vodka: https://www.titosvodka.com/

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