New Immunotherapy Trial for Lymphoma from ELIAS Animal Health

Posted by Editors on January 31, 2024

Having focused on osteosarcoma in their just-completed trial, ELIAS Animal Health has announced a new trial for dogs with lymphoma.

ELIAS makes “personalized” vaccines for dog cancer that leverage your dog’s immune system to fight cancer. It’s a fascinating idea; you can learn more about it in this episode of DOG CANCER ANSWERS featuring CEO Tammie Wahaus.

The new trial, which will only have one location to start, will look at using their immunotherapy in combination with the VCAA chemo protocol. (That’s L-asparaginase, vincristine, cyclophosphamide, and doxorubicin.) Once dogs have received eight sessions of chemotherapy, they will be administered immunotherapy.

Then, they’ll be monitored for 18 months, after which time ELIAS will be able to compare them to a similar group of dogs (using historical data) who received only chemotherapy.

Will the immunotherapy extend remission? Survival times? They’ll know more in a couple of years!

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