EPISODE 157 | RELEASED March 7, 2022

Dog Cancer Cost: Economics of Dog Cancer | Dr. Megan Duffy Deep Dive

Cancer treatment and diagnosis is expensive… but why? And are there things you can do to help your dog on a budget?


Veterinary oncologist Megan Duffy joins us to explain and ins and outs of dog cancer economics. A consult with an oncologist can run a couple hundred dollars… but that money gets you the full attention of an expert who focuses on dog cancer and has reviewed your dog’s individual case ahead of time. The oncologist should also be giving you a rundown of different treatment options to help you figure out the option that will give your dog the most benefit while still staying within your budget.

Big takeaways?

  1. Be honest about your budget so the oncologist can tailor treatment plans for you.
  2. Ask about follow-up care and what that might cost.
  3. Your vet does not take your treatment choice personally – it needs to be the option that YOU are comfortable with.
  4. It is okay to choose a less expensive treatment option.
  5. Dr. Duffy has tips for things you can do to save a little money during chemotherapy without cutting corners for your dog’s care.

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