EPISODE 203 | RELEASED February 13, 2023

Acupuncture for Dog Cancer | Dr. Narda Robinson

Can acupuncture cure dog cancer? Nope. But it can do a whole lot to help your dog feel better and alleviate side effects from illness and medications alike.

acupuncture for dogs with cancer, a Black dog getting acupuncture treatment
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Although there are many romantic ideas about where acupuncture comes from and how it works, the truth is rooted in science and anatomy. Acupuncture is the practice of applying tiny needles or pressure to specific areas to stimulate nerves and tissue to get the desired effect.

Dr. Narda Robinson is both a human doctor and a veterinarian, and she literally wrote the book on acupuncture points and what they do in the human body. In this episode, she explains how and why acupuncture works, as well as the specific ways that it can benefit dogs with cancer.

Short on time? Jump to about minute 42 to catch Narda’s rapid-fire myth-busting.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

CuraCore Find a Practitioner https://curacore.org/vet/find-a-practitioner/

American Academy of Medical Acupuncture https://medicalacupuncture.org/

Narda’s Books: https://curacore.org/vet/bookstore/

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