EPISODE 160 | RELEASED March 28, 2022

Pet Cancer Care Consulting: Dog Cancer Care Online | Dr. Rachel Venable

Getting to an oncologist can be difficult. Now, you can consult with a veterinary oncologist online from the comfort of your regular vet’s office.


While working in an oncology specialty center, Dr. Rachel Venable kept feeling like there were patients she couldn’t reach – or rather, that couldn’t get to her. So she decided to start her own business, doing oncology consults online.

Telemedicine laws can vary state to state, but most states allow teleconsulting. Your vet probably already uses one type of teleconsulting: sending x-rays out to a radiologist to review. The radiologist never examines the pet in person, but communicates with the veterinarian and works with them as a team. Dr. Venable uses this model for her consulting, but takes it one step further by doing a video call where she reviews the case with both the veterinarian and the owner.


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