EPISODE 147 | RELEASED December 27, 2021

Best Resources for Dog Cancer 2022 | Molly Jacobson and Kate Basedow

If your dog has cancer, we’re here to help. From books to blogs to a shoulder to lean on, there is something for every person and every dog.


Getting a cancer diagnosis is devastating. We’ve been there, and we know how overwhelming this time can be. In this episode we’ve compiled all of the best resources that we have available to help you help your dog fight cancer.

Learn more about:

  • The Dog Cancer Survival Guide
  • Dog Cancer News, a three-times-a-week newsletter
  • Dog Cancer Blog, a treasure trove of articles on dog cancer that is constantly being updated
  • Dog Cancer Support, where you can share your story with other dog lovers who understand
  • Our list of Full Spectrum veterinarians recommended by our readers and listeners

We are here to help, and hope that one day we will be the first to tell you about a cure for your dog’s cancer.

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