Scott Nichols, MS, DVM

Scott Nichols's Credentials

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Colorado State University

Masters of Science, Northern Arizona University

Bachelors of Science, Northern Arizona University

About Scott Nichols

I grew up exploring the mountains and canyons of Flagstaff, AZ, always with a dog or two at my side. Their devotion to fun and friendship and their ability to understand our emotions has forever fascinated me and so school was spent learning about their form and function and later about disease and medicine and later still about their bonds to you and me.

It’s an honor serve them, I wish I could save them all.

I still wander the same mountains and canyons, and after all these years, I’ve come to understand that the best lessons in life are learned from our dogs.

My Dog

HD was an enormous yellow lab that helped raise our 3 sons. She followed them everywhere in our little town, went on their adventures, always their friend and defender, never let anyone near them. She stole alot of food. She got hemangiosarcoma and was the first dog our boys ever had to say goodbye to. They're grown now, have their own dogs but still talk about her.

Scott Nichols_Heart Dog_HD_pol