Raphael Jhames Lumibao

Raphael Lumibao's Credentials

Bachelor of Science in Avionics Technology

About Raphael Lumibao

Raphael is DogCancer.com’s Graphic Designer and a licensed Private Pilot who dreams to be a Commercial Pilot someday. The pandemic lead him to join the team and practice his passion of graphic design and loving dogs!

Raphael is an artist with a passion for dogs, his love for dogs fuels his creativeness to send out DogCancer.com’s message through his work.

My Dog

Batchie is a Golden Retriever that stands out from his litter! He chose me from the day our eyes met and it changed my life forever. He is a Parvo survivor quite the fighter he is! His name was derived from a famous Filipino food delicacy "Batchoy".

Batchie, Raphael's heart dog