Paul Hanzal

Paul Hanzal's Credentials

Bachelor of Business Administration, American Public University


About Paul Hanzal

Paul Hanzal is an inveterate dog lover who happens to also be a coder and the guy who makes work brilliantly. His many years in the tech industry and penchant for kindness makes him a key “behind the scenes” team member.

My Dog

Chihuahuas are notorious for being protective of their pack, and Coco sure lived up to that reputation. He was the most loving toward those he knew, but everyone else needed to watch out. Luckily, he warmed up pretty quick and would be playing in no time. He taught us more about dogs and pack dynamics than we would have ever known. Coco was a member of our family for nearly 16 years. He may have stood inches off the ground, but he sure was mighty, in every sense of the word (except size, of course).

Paul Hanzal_Heart_Dog_Coco_pol