Amanda Kin, B.S., M.S.

Amanda Kin's Credentials

Masters of Science in Animal Science, The Ohio State University

Bachelor’s of Science Animal Science, Minor in Life Science, The Ohio State University

About Amanda Kin

Amanda Kin is a transplant from the North into the Deep Deep South. Originally from a scientific research background, she now spends her days elbow deep in dogs and data. She is always looking for the perfect blend of creative and analytical endeavors to match her brain. The daughter of a veterinarian, she uses inhuman amounts of chai tea to keep up with two dogs, three cats, a bird, a horse, and a turtle.

My Dog

Buddha was the first dog I owned on my own. She got her name from bringing me inner peace through all the struggles of my early 20s, pulling me back from every ledge I tried to jump off. She saw me through college and graduate school, first real job, marriage, pregnancy, and sleepless nights with an infant. I have never experienced so much change in such a short amount of time, and Buddha was there for all of it. I would not have made it without her and I will never forget her.

Amanda Kin_Heart Dog_Buddha_pol