Alex Avery, BVSc

Alex Avery's Credentials

Bachelor of Veterinary Science, University of Bristol

About Alex Avery

Veterinarian Dr. Alex Avery graduated in 2006 and moved straight into mixed practice in his native UK. After 3 years the travel bug bit, and he ended up in beautiful NZ working as a companion animal veterinarian for 5 years.

After 2 years “back home” in the UK, he returned to NZ to raise his 2 children and accommodate his farm vet wife’s love of cows!

After repeatedly experiencing frustration when his clients had found low quality or misleading information online, to the detriment of their pet, Dr. Alex launched Our Pet’s Health in late 2017.

In sharing his experience and knowledge as a veterinarian general practice, the aim of Our Pet’s Health is to help dog and cat owners optimize their pet’s health so they can live the full and happy life they deserve.

To date, Dr. Alex has helped over 1.5 million pet owners through his Our Pet’s Health YouTube channel, the Call The Vet podcast, and educational blog.