Update re: OncoK9, the Liquid Biopsy Cancer Detection Tool from PetDX

Posted by DogCancer.com Editors on March 1, 2023

DogCancer.com editorial staff attended a dvm360 “show me the data!” session to get a sense of how the OncoK9 liquid biopsy is performing in the “real” world. The latest studies and white papers from PetDx on their cancer screening test are further refining its usefulness to help catch cancer early or confirm a suspected cancer diagnosis. Bottom line? The clinical experiences and outcomes reported are generally confirming what the company expected when last we spoke. You can listen to our conversation with Dr. Andi Flory of PetDx here: https://www.dogcancer.com/podcast/diagnosis-and-medical-procedures/a-blood-test-for-dog-cancer-meet-oncok9-dr-andi-flory/