Keep Dogs Inside During This Cold Weather

Posted by Editors on January 15, 2024

With bitter cold and snow hitting the U.S., including southerly places ill-equipped for extreme freezes, veterinarians and shelters remind folks to bring their animals inside. Dogs and other domesticated animals can be harmed, and even die, due to cold like this! Some tips:

  • Temperatures become deadly for short-haired and/or small dogs at around 15-20F. Large and long-haired dogs fare better, but should be brought in if temps get down to 0F.
  • Dogs need more food during the cold to stay warm, so feed them 10-20% more than usual, especially if they are outside.
  • Make sure their water doesn’t freeze!
  • Check for frostbite regularly: are they cold to the touch? Are their paws or ears pale-colored? Get them in the warmth and call your veterinarian: that’s an emergency.

Think their fur protects them? It does … to a point. If it’s too cold for you to go outside without your coat, it’s probably too cold for your dog. Pro tip: if your dog is burrowing, they’re seeking warmth. Bring them in for a warm cuddle indoors.


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