Dog-Related Expenses Hard on Most Americans

Posted by Editors on January 18, 2024

USA Today reports that the cost of caring for our dogs is harder on our pocketbooks than ever. The costs of food and veterinary care are both rising and in a recent survey of 1,000 dog owners, the paper collected some pretty sobering statistics.

  • A whopping 91% of those surveyed reported they experienced financial stress related to the cost of their dog’s care in the previous year.
  • Two-thirds (66%) reported they cut their personal spending to spend on their dogs.
  • Nearly as many (65%) had to ask for financial help from friends or family.
  • A third (33%) took a second job or side gigs to supplement their income.

Dogs are family members for many Americans, many of whom do not have $400 for an emergency expense. With better and more advanced diagnostics and treatments becoming more common in veterinary medicine, the need is bound to increase, not just for cancer, but for daily food and wellbeing costs.

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