Sepsis or Septic Shock

Sepsis is a severe infection that overwhelms the entire body.  Any kind of infection can cause sepsis, which is characterized by severe inflammation, everywhere. If sepsis cannot be immediately and/or adequately addressed, it can turn into septic shock, otherwise known as multi-organ failure. The kidneys, lungs, and livers start to shut down and the body starts to die. Signs of septic shock might include shaking or intense shivering as if your dog is chilled, a rise in body temperature, skin that is warm to the touch, a rapid pulse, and rapid panting or breathing. Your dog will probably stop being able to produce urine as their kidneys fail. Your dog may also seem disoriented or confused. Septic shock is a very frightening thing to witness and we humans usually can tell something is very wrong, even if we don’t have medical training. Trust your gut: if you think your dog is very ill, take them to emergency right away.