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Your Share Will Spread Hope and Healing

Healing starts with hope—not false hope, but real hope. Your questions about dog cancer help us make great shows to help dogs now and in the future. Sharing your dog's story of hope and healing inspires us all!

Your Voice Can Change Lives: Thank You for Joining Our Community!

Navigating treatment options? Remembering advice that helped you at the beginning of your dog cancer journey? Wondering about behavioral changes? Considering integrative approaches? Just want to share your own dog's cancer journey? Whatever your motivation, we appreciate your contribution to our community.

Please submit your video using the form below. Or, if you prefer, send us an audio recording by calling our Listener Line: +1 (808) 868-3200.

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Not every submission will be used on DOG CANCER ANSWERS, but we promise we will review each one. However, it's important to know that it can take a long time to produce a show, and this process will not involve medical advice for your dog.

While we review your question you can check our knowledge base articles and podcast episodes to check if we have valuable information related to your question.

However, if your dog's condition is urgent or if you're unsure about any symptoms they're exhibiting, we always recommend consulting your veterinarian immediately. Your vet is your best resource for personalized advice and medical care tailored to your dog's specific needs

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